Thoughts on the Super Bowl

1. It makes me feel good to see that Tom Brady’s hair is thinning.

2. Have we checked the inflation of the balls?

3. I’m more focused on my plate of bar-b-que than the game. If I cut my third chunk (too big to just be called a ‘piece’) of cornbread up and eat it piece by piece, does that make it more ok?

4. Noticeable ethnic mix in makeup of Katy Perry’s backup dancers.

5. Every time Tom Brady gets tackled, a Victoria’s Secret Angel loses her wings.

6. Seahawks: We Didn’t It!

7. This text from my aunt:


8. In response to the question, “Where did Tom Brady go to college?” during Super Bowl-themed trivia post-game: Tom Brady went to college? University of Phoenix? ITT Tech?

9. No one cares about Lenny Kravitz.

10. Clarification question re: McDonald’s ad: can we pay with lovin’ you? In other words, can we pay with makin’ love to you? [you being whomever. whoever? whatever.]

11. Tom Brady is such a little bitch. He and Peyton Manning can have each other.

12. I thought the ad where the woman is insisting on ordering a pizza via 911 was going in the direction of:

911 operator:  “Ma’am, is this an emergency?”

Ma’am: “Hell yes it’s an emergency, I need a fucking pizza!”

So that took a turn.

13. Kim Kardashian doesn’t understand that the T-Mobile ad was making fun of her. Just like the Miss Universe contestants don’t understand the pageant is a mockery. Also I had to Google “mockery” to make sure I was using it correctly.

14. These group texts with my mom and sister:IMG_4941



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