While we were at the National Archives…

(you know, like the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc. etc.), here are some things that happened:

1. Sister: “I’m getting hungry, I need to find a place where I can eat my pistachios” [there’s a No Food rule]

Me, as I eat my unshelled pistachios: “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

2. Me to a security guard: “I have a question, and I think you’re going to say no.”

Him: “You don’t know I’m going to say no.”

Me: “Well, it’s against the rules and it’s a bizarre request.”

Him: “… Ok…”

Me: “Can I take a picture of the whistle on your shirt, because I just think it’s so cool. Like, if I was ever given that amount of power, I would be blowing the whistle ALL day.” [there’s also a No Pictures rule]

Him: “Ok, let’s go in the elevator” [I realize this sounds creepy but he was a sweet old man and was like cutely, surprisingly, as giddy as I was at the prospect of taking this photo, and I knew immediately that he meant ‘go in the elevator’ so he wouldn’t get in trouble for allowing a photo]

So we got in the elevator, pressed no floor, and I asked, “Can you be in it or is that not allowed?”

Him, modestly: “I can be in it.”

So I took it, and then he said, “And did you get a photo of this?” as he pointed to the inside of the elevator doors, where the Declaration of Independence was engraved. So, now, not only had he indulged my weird request, he had gotten fully on board with it AND gone out of his way to make sure I got another cool photo. This man was IN. THE. TRIBE. I really wanted to say, “You are the only person I ever want to be in an elevator with. For any amount of time. I could stay in here with you forever,” but I was so caught up in my excitement I sadly didn’t think to. I may go back tomorrow just to tell him that.


I decided to cut/blur out any identifying details just in case anyone from the National Archives is tracking my blog and looking for security guards who break the rules for their spirit animal tourists.

3. Me shame-spiraling due to my ignorance re: American History:

Me to myself: “The Bill of Rights is the amendments, right? My major in college was only American Studies…”

Me: “Did Lincoln sign the Declaration of Independence?”

Sister: “No… He was the 16th president, remember?”

Me: “Actually, no, def thought he was the first president up until recently.”


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