Top 10 Karaoke Songs

Needless to say, karaoke is all about making people uncomfortable. With that in mind, here’s a list of the best karaoke songs.

1. “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls

As they say, sing what you know. Obviously do accompanying inappropriate dance moves.

2. “Hello” by Lionel Richie

Please refer to the awesomely creepy music video and re-enact it as you sing.

3. “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

All for this lyric: “I’m runnin’ through these hoes like Drano.” Genius product placement.

4. “Can You Take Me Higher” by Creed.

Self-explanatory. Also please note the name of the album on which this song appears: Human Clay. Looking back, it was all so obvious…

5. “Physical” by Olivia Newton John

Again, please refer to the painfully uncomfortable music video and re-enact it as you sing.

6. “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette

Real crowd pleaser. Make sure to enunciate as Alanis does during the line, “Would she go down on you in a THEA-ter?”

7. “Daughters” by John Mayer

And while you’re singing it, give a line-by-line lesson in misogyny:

“Girls become lovers who turn into mothers…” —yes, because the only thing women are capable of and useful for is bearing children.

“On behalf of every man, looking out for every girl, you are the god and the weight of her world”–ummmmm WHAT? Blow me, John Mayer.

8. “Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira

Because this: “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains” (and mime along).

9. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys

Three words: “Am I SEX-ual?”

10. “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child

Use it as a launching point to remain onstage after the song is over to host a discussion about just what exactly did happen to the 4th member of Destiny’s Child? And wait there were 5th and 6th members?! What don’t they want us to know?? What aren’t they telling us?? The way I see it, there are two possible answers: Beyoncé ate them for strength in her quest for world domination, or Beyoncé’s mom just ate them.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Karaoke Songs

  1. peckapalooza says:

    Yes! “Hello” is a classic creepy video. I think my favorite part is where the blind girl is reading her braille book sitting in bed. With the bedside lamp turned on. Because she clearly needs the light to read with her fingers.

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