A note on awards/accolades

This is supposed to be a portrayal of me failing.

I just wanted to do a quick little post to say that a few times now I’ve realized that people have nominated me or recognized me in some way on their blog but I didn’t know until I stumbled upon it on their blog long after they posted it. And I feel REALLY bad for taking so long to get to their post in the first place (I often get behind on catching up on everyone’s blogs due to my ‘real’ job (ugh jobs are the worst amirite) and I do my best to catch up, but sometimes I fail), and, furthermore, because I worry they’ll have thought I purposefully ignored their recognition of me.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, without sounding like a total douche who’s all like “I’m nominated and recognized for things and don’t even know it blah blah blah” (because bragging is the LAST thing I want to do and cocky is the LAST way I want to come off, because I’m literally the worst and don’t think I’m hot shit remotely, but I digress)–what I’m trying to say is I want to apologize if you’ve linked to or mentioned me in your blog and I haven’t responded–it was completely unintentional on my part. If I’ve done this, please feel free to make me aware, because I would love to read your post and respond!

Also, I don’t know why I’m not always automatically notified by Word Press when someone links to my blog, whether for a nomination or some other type of recognition, mention, etc.–sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. So if you have any advice for how to make sure I do get notified whenever someone mentions/links to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry to ramble–and thank you!!!


16 thoughts on “A note on awards/accolades

  1. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:

    I am so peeved with WordPress this week actually. I am missing about a bajillion freaking updates and new posts from the 70 some odd blogs that I try to keep up with. They just don’t even show up in my “Reader” on my link through the app or on the computer. I am about to write a dang nastygram to the powers that be. You are not alone sister. Not alone.

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  2. kindredspirit23 says:

    You should not worry too much. You mention people for nominations and, unless they happen to be good friends or great followers, or someone you just never miss reading, they will get over it. Most of us really what rl and jobs can do to a blogger.
    It’s nice, though, for you to say it.

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  3. bensbitterblog says:

    As you know, and/or don’t (I stole this from your post today) I don’t ever accept awards, but if I did you’d be on all mine. That would probably cause you stress because of all the awards you would have to post, but too bad. You chose to be awesome at blogging and life.

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