The Love/Hate Challenge

I am so behind on this, but Baffled Baboon nominated me a while back for this challenge and I am just now catching up–so sorry for the delay! Thank you for the nomination, and everyone please check out the baboon’s wonderful blog!


For the challenge, I have to write about 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. I’m supposed to nominate other bloggers, but in the interest of time and making things less complicated, I’m going to just complete the list part of the challenge. Here goes!

Things I love:

1. To hate

2. Soy chai lattes w/ extra foam ALL day

3. Laughter

4. The oats at the bottom of the package of a Nature Valley granola bar

5. The scent of fresh lilacs

6. Baggy clothing

7. Tootsie Rolls

8. That awkward moment when you bring up blow jobs at a family reunion

9. Pickles

10. Louis C.K.

Things I hate:

1. People, generally

2. Being photographed

3. Your mom?

4. That awkward moment when someone pulls up directly next to you at a stoplight, window-to-window alignment

5. Running


7. Excessive wealth

8. Washing my sheets

9. The mainstream media

10. Opening a box of any snack food that has the perforated tab on top which I can NEVER successfully tear along the lines, and then the whole thing is ruined and I can never properly close the box again, or at least as long as food remains in it which let’s be honest in my case isn’t very long at all

7 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Challenge

  1. bensbitterblog says:

    Holy freaking cow, Louis CK is best ever. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to him. My favorite bit he has is about when he has to drive himself to the hospital and he the morphine suppository. I die laughing everytime I hear that one.

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  2. peckapalooza says:

    I don’t so much mind washing my sheets. I just hate dealing with the fitted sheet. I watch the YouTube tutorials, I call my mother for advice… and I spend a good 5 minutes trying to figure the thing out, but that 5 minutes feels like a friggin’ eternity. And then I just ball the stupid sheet up and throw it into the bottom of my closet. The fitted sheet is a tool of the devil!

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