When eHarmony moves into your building


I cannot WAIT for the old guy from the commercials to get stuck in the same elevator as me (believe it or not, he’s actually the head of the company). I have a lot of things I would like to discuss with him.


Hmmm, someone else prominent also had a 3-part name… Oh that’s right: L. RON HUBBARD.


10 thoughts on “When eHarmony moves into your building

  1. peckapalooza says:

    What’s funny is that, last night, I wrote a blog post about eHarmony that I was planning to post today. I just don’t want you to think that I’m riding the coattails of your blog ideas. Actually, go ahead and think that… I steal blog ideas from people all the time.

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    • onlybadchi says:

      Hahahaha no worries at all! There’s BOUND to be crossover in the blogosphere, and that happens to me too, so go for it! (Or maybe you already have–I am so behind and just now catching up, so I’m looking forward to reading it!) 🙂

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