When you get into a debate with the guy you’re seeing

about strip clubs, and you take the stance that they’re demeaning to and promote the objectification of women, and then he stops talking to you. Except when he breaks his silence out of the blue to tell you to “kick rocks” (and you don’t know what that means so you have to Google it and, according to Urban Dictionary, it is not pleasant).


22 thoughts on “When you get into a debate with the guy you’re seeing

  1. kindredspirit23 says:

    I have thoughts on this issue, but they get me in trouble at times. I know that a lot of these types of places are seedy, crappy places that demean women and objectify them and treat them poorly.
    My opinion, however, is that if a woman is not forced or drugged or addicted to work there, then it’s her choice and she should be allowed to do as she sees fit. I know of a young woman who I have conversed with who stripped in a fairly high-class establishment for about 4 years and made out like a bandit with money. She didn’t do drugs and always kept her dignity about her (ie- not having sex with the customers).
    I feel the same about the porn industry, in general. If it is not semi-slave trade thing, if the girls are truly choosing to work there (and they are in many places, but I know not all), then it should be their choice. Man do treat women poorly, for the most part. I try not to do this. I separate the imaginative from the reality. I know that is a real person. If I was to meet someone who was modeling or stripping (and, I have), I would treat them like a person (and i have).

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