As Featured on News Cult: The 9 Best Movies to Watch with Your Parents

Watching movies: a good old-fashioned family activity. If you can’t decide what to watch on your next movie night with your parents (which will be really soon because like who else are you going to have a movie night with you’re alone in life you may as well just move back home and die there), here are some suggestions.

1. Wedding Crashers

The hand-job-under-the-table scene is the best for watching while you’re sitting next to your dad.

2. The Virgin Suicides

I mean… obviously.

3. Pink Flamingos

Can’t stress enough how essential this film is for viewing in social situations.

4. Splash

You grow up thinking you love that movie, and then when you watch it as you get older and wiser, you realize it’s a bunch of bullshit sexist propaganda–a half-naked woman who can’t speak and is game for anything? GREAT,” said the Patriarchy.

5. Spring Breakers

6. Carrie

For some quality mother-daughter bonding time.

7. Any Woody Allen Film

Especially if you’re a stepdaughter watching with your stepfather. And you’re adopted. And you’re young. And Asian.

8. Titanic


9. Girl, Interrupted

Attn: Daughters–this is your go-to.

Featured on News Cult:

10 thoughts on “As Featured on News Cult: The 9 Best Movies to Watch with Your Parents

  1. bensbitterblog says:

    My all time favorite BECAUSE MY DAD WALKED IN RIGHT AT THE MOST EMBARRASSING PART, 16 Candles. My wife and I just got married and were in South Dakota for Christmas with my family and she bought 16 Candles because it was one of her favorites and it was PG, so it was finE for family viewing right? So we were watching it on the couch on our little portable DVD player and just as this girl starts taking an extended shower topless scene my dad walks in and goes, “WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING? WHAT IS THIS IN MY HOUSE?” Nuff said.

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  2. peckapalooza says:

    Recently, I found myself sitting in my mother’s living room as she and my stepfather watched 40-Year-Old Virgin for the first time. The only reason it was less awkward than I expected was because it was on TBS, not HBO.

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  3. kindredspirit23 says:

    Well, great…now, my most embarrassing moment was when my father-in-law smiled and told me to return a VHS tape to his niece after I watched it. Had never seen an XXX movie before.

    2nd most embarrassing moment was watching TEAM AMERICA in the theaters with my son.

    *now as for your list…add 3
    1) Teeth – will embarrass the hell out of you and teach the women how to properly defend themselves.
    2) Any of the “Apple Pie” movies.
    3) The Color Blue with Bruce Willis


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