As Featured on News Cult: Cleaning Tips

Again, something we hate doing. But again, something that must be done. Here are my tips for cleaning.

1. Don’t

Must it be done, though? Everything is just going to get dirty again, so, really, what’s the point? Pretty sure I win by way of logic.

2. Dust First

If you insist on cleaning, I recommend dusting first, because then, any dust that falls on the floor/carpet, you can vacuum or sweep up, instead of sweeping/vacuuming first, then dusting and completely negating the sweeping/vacuuming.

3. Break it up

I don’t know about you, but even just a one-bedroom apartment takes me like 6 hours to clean, and it’s really overwhelming and emotionally and physically taxing, and we don’t do physical taxation, so I suggest breaking your cleaning up. Whether that’s by room, task, day, whatever. If you try to do it all at once, you may have an emotional meltdown, on top of the emotional meltdown you were already having perpetually.

4. Do it when you’re upset

Which is always, but pick a time when you’re particularly angry or sad or stressed. My mom always told me my grandpa would mop the floors when he was stressed, and it would help alleviate his anxiety. Cleaning is an outlet for your energy. If you’re focused on scrubbing your floor Cinderella-style, you won’t have time to fixate on how your life is in shambles and no one loves you and you don’t have a dress to wear to the ball.

5. Get reusable supplies

Like mops, cloth rags (old boyfriends’ sweaters, clothes that no longer fit, your hopes and dreams), etc.—don’t be the asshole who uses two roles of paper towels to clean his apartment every week. Save the trees, yo.

6. Play music

You gotta get your groove on while you clean, because otherwise it’s just boring. You could put TV or a movie on, but it’s hard to hear that, especially if you’re going room to room and turning the vacuum or water on. But music is just the right type of background noise. That, or do your obligatory family catch up calls and just put yourself on mute while they blab.

7. Drink

Have a little glass of wine with a straw to help the time pass.

8. Use products that smell good

It makes a world of difference to be surrounded by pleasant scents, as opposed to toxic chemical smells. I mean, they’re all toxic chemicals, but if they smell good, it’s all good, right? All the better to inhale in large quantities! Personally, I’m a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s products—especially the geranium and lavender scents!

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