Girl Boss Giveaway

Thanks to Cheyanne at Tangerine Wallpaper ( for alerting me to this awesome blogger! I’m drooling over these pictures–too cute!!

Windy City Wardrobe

Happy Friday Eve Everyone!JPEG_20160218_123144_-1706703588 (1)

I can’t thank you all enough for following and spreading kindness, so as a small token of my appreciation I am giving back love and support with a giveaway! I believe we have to surround ourselves with great things to do great things. So every item included is intended to keep you inspired, caffeinated, and organized. JPEG_20160218_130653_1953369084

To enter, leave a comment below and share this post on one social media site of your choice. To increase your odds of winning, share this on additional sites. The giveaway closes at midnight on February 25th and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 26th.

One randomly chosen person will receive the following:

  • mug
  • mini journal for big ideas
  • set of gift tags
  • wood grain clipboard w/a monthly calendar
  • two containers of paper clips
  • set of push pins
  • lined note pad
  • three ring binder w/planner pages
  • set of…

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6 thoughts on “Girl Boss Giveaway

  1. Flop til you drop "FTYD" says:

    two containers of paper clips… you don’t say!

    Reminds me of the time, I was an office manager and this guy kept ordering tons of paper clips. I was amazed at how often he must be using them in mailers. Then, he was laid off and I went to clean out his desk and 4 desk drawers full… 4 FULL drawers of paper clips in disposable paper cup coffee cups, etc. OMG.

    When the drawers were open, the light SHINED and reflected enough to blind me. I had never seen so many paperclips of various sizes in my life. I felt like I had to build a monument.

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