When you decide to go to law school.

15 thoughts on “When you decide to go to law school.

  1. peckapalooza says:

    I didn’t know kale was a prerequisite for law school. Run. Far and fast.

    Can’t you just buy a degree from South America? That’s a thing, right?

    Seriously, though… Good luck with everything! You’ll be a great lawyer.

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  2. balletandboxing says:

    Funny. Recently I’ve been exposed to the legal underbelly here in Canada (that B… boy is he expanding my horizons… :S) and all I can say is: WE NEED PPL WHO CARE. Like you.

    Go you. Take on the system and don’t burn out. Even in Canada… we want the same change Sanders promised.

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  3. queenaspen says:

    I mean, I know I’m like super later seeing this but this is awesome! Like all the best in your legal endeavours! (That sounds low-key so pretentious, sorry) But like go out there and drag people and be the best lawyer ever.

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