When you get into a car accident

and have to spend your Friday night in the ER but try to keep your sense of humor

But then they stick you in a room with a TV that’s playing the “CrossFit Games”:




19 thoughts on “When you get into a car accident

  1. balletandboxing says:

    If Donald Trump makes it anywhere near the White House, I’m moving to Switzerland. I’m not even American, and I can’t.

    You know, all the oddities of America (gun control, racism, gender inequality) pale in comparison to the impossibility of Trump leading the Republican race. Yet it is so.

    America is a fucking scary place.

    I’ll take up cross fit if that appeases the Universe into not making him president:

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    • irtfyblog says:

      America isn’t scary. It’s actually quite nice, but the media makes it look scary. Don’t trust the media. Instead, come for a visit to see for yourself just how wrong the media is.


      • balletandboxing says:

        I’ve been to America more times than I can count, both for work and for pleasure: San Fran, Vegas, Chicago, Indy, Pittsburg, NYC, Boston and many tiny towns with populations of less than 10k (Archbold, OH, Zelienople, PA – aww, yeah!)

        It’s not like I fear for my life. But I always walk around with the sense that things ca escalate mighty quickly in the USA, and I am always on my guard. Something that I rarely ever feel in Canada, or Europe. I also have always noted more blatant examples of everyday racism when in the States, which makes me sad.

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      • irtfyblog says:

        HAHAHA! Sorry…your comment about racism examples being more blatant in the USA is so true and makes me laugh.

        The history of the USA proves that we’re a country based on racism. Italians hated the Irish. The Irish hated the Italians. French hated the Germans. Germans hated the Polish and everyone hated the Russians. LOL. sigh…you probably think I jest, but I’m not kidding.

        The USA was always called a “melting pot” but the truth is, it was never a country where people got along. we just learned to tolerate one another…now we just try to tolerate Canadians, Asians and Europeans trying to tell us that we don’t meet their expectations.

        Guess what? We don’t care. We’re Americans and we love being who we are. 😉

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      • balletandboxing says:

        I believe you, because it is impossible not to.

        I don’t understand it. It almost sounds like “We’re American – accept us for who we are, we are proud of who we are, don’t try change us”… Which is fine… Except when that precludes the possibility of Americans working towards change and growth (like working towards eliminating racism).

        Maybe I’m naive about how long it takes to change a society. You guys do surprise us sometimes with progressive (and wonderful!!!) decisions – gay marriage anyone?!

        One thing is for sure – America is a country of contradictions.

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  2. bensbitterblog says:

    I watched about 0 minutes of that crossfit bullcrap on ESPN because we know someone that went to the games and it was the stupid lamest thing I have ever seen. Some people were in a relay, carrying potato sacks and walking up the stairs. Why may I ask would you ever voluntarily a)walk up steps, b) carry more than one potatoes at at time(they are for french fries or mashed potatoes, not for carrying) or c) exercising in any form?

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  3. kindredspirit23 says:

    You know, I was just listening to a piece on Hillary and Donald. Hillary is not a traitor or anything, but I think she is pulling the wool over our eyes with this email deal. Take the punishment.
    As for Mr. Trump, right now, I see him as someone willing to, at least, stand up and say, “Yeah, I said that!”. Our current President is/was too wishy-washy and wouldn’t stand up much for US policy anywhere. I don’t like him at all. I don’t want Hillary.
    At least, you pretty well know where you stand with Donald. I think he would be a different breed in the white house. Strong, decisive, even if a little big arrogant and pushy. Maybe we need that.
    Just sayin’

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  4. Mindy says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… Crossfit Kids is a real thing too. Also, I’m glad to hear that there were only minor injuries and that overall you’re okay!

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