Time Warner Cable representative:

“What type of channels do you and your family watch? Do you have kids?”

Me: “No kids.”

Him: “So it’s just you and… your husband?”

Me: “Nope… Just me.”

Him:Just you?!”


20 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable representative:

  1. peckapalooza says:

    “Just you?” Like it’s the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard.

    Wait, is there a discount if you’ve got more than one person watching? Like when you have t-shirts made you can order them for $15 each or get 20% off for getting 100.

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  2. bensbitterblog says:

    You know why those people can get away with stuff like that? Because there are basically all just one big company. Time Warner Comcast, they just don’t care how rude their customer service is, because you really don’t have much choice. Of course, I don’t care how my customer service is because I can’t stand people, but that is just me.

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  3. kindredspirit23 says:

    I was shown the actual printout of a search showing that Comcast was next to last in it’s hep desk abilities. People hate this company. I use it because it’s that or dish; however, I also pay too much. At least, it doesn’t change every month like it used to. I finally settled into a 2 year deal with them, so the price has remained constant. Of course, the first three months I had to call and tell them it didn’t match.
    Also, found out that when you call them for any work or new service or whatever, RECORD it. I record all my calls to them that might deal with money. They say, “for your convenience, this call may be monitored…” I tell them I am taping it as well…the sounds they make…”You are…what?” I just tell them I want them to know I am recording this call too for future needs.” Really does help.

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